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product arrow NITECORE Durable Nylon Holster NCP30 Khaki, Black

Price Rp 325.000
Rp 275.000
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Nitecore's enhanced tactical holster NCP30 comes to market in black and khaki!

NCP30 utilizes INVISTA CORDURA military-standard 1000D Nylon for ideal denier (strength of fabrics) and durability. This lightweight and reliable material makes NCP30 extremely wear-proof and tensile.

NCP30 is designed as a mountable module to attach on your waistband/backpack vertically or horizontally. It also works well with MOLLE systems and helps you mount your flashlight on a tactical vest or other MOLLE gears with ease.

The compartment is made perfectly suitable for Nitecore P20/P20UV flashlights. With multiple adjustable straps, it can also contain flashlights, multi-tools and bullet magazines of similar sizes. The front Velcro seals the holster tightly and keeps your gears safe like no others can. In fact, no matter how you run, jump, climb or do any tactical moves, your gears are safe in NCP30 as long as you seal the cover in advance. On the other hand, an anti-slippery puller allows you to open the cover as swiftly as your tactical purposes require. Attaining and withdrawing your flashlights becomes a simple task to do. To satisfy a full-prepared user like you, we also add a side compartment on NCP30 to carry your tactical pens and penlights.

Bisa juga sms / WA untuk cek stock sebelum order 0818 0690 8352

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Orderan patch ST6 cross tan ama Texas flag tan udh sampai. Service OK, transfer Sabtu, Senin pagi dpt nomor resi, Senin sore barang nyampe heheh well done WGGEAR team!

lapur kumendan....paket sudah mendarat dengan selamat. ini sudah yang ke 3 x belanja di lapaknya, ndan. respon cepat pelayanan mantaf :D

lapor om, x nape sudah saya terima kemaren. makasih ya om :D

Reza daniel
Kren banger ni lapak smua yg gw pengun ada and cepet sampe nyaa maju terus WGGear

Facewrap AOR1-nya sudah sampai Bro.Thx ya & sukses terus lapaknya :)

Terimakasih WGGEAR tas sy sdh sampai ini transaksi 3x sy,pokoknya wggear the reliable airsoft gear seller.

Seller gila ... nubie beli barang hari kamis siang isi smsnya vlite sampe bandung berapa skalian onkir kli bisa yg kilat ya hahaha ... di jawab ama dia ... nubie transfer ... malemnya dpt nomer resi .... detail

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